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Short courses to help public sector managers to get more from their budgets

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It is important that public money is well-managed because citizens rely on their governments to provide a wide range of public services (education, healthcare, justice, safety, transportation, infrastructure, and on and on) from an inevitably limited budget. The better that public money is managed the more, and better quality, services that can be delivered.

The aim of this school is to help managers in the public sector (whether they are accountants, teachers, doctors, police officers, social workers, judges, librarians, engineers or whatever) to get the most from the budget. Some of the courses are aimed at financially-trained staff whilst others are aimed at non-financial managers.

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"Gary writes clearly, coherently and concisely—and the fact that he practises what he teaches (in several countries including South Sudan) gives this book real practical clout."

- John Benington, Emeritus Professor, Warwick Business School

"Gary is a very skilled teacher. He has extensive professional knowledge which brings real world examples to the course, not just academic views."

- MPA student, University of Nottingham